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Ride-On Tie Pluggers

Designed for:

Reliable and safe high-speed compound application for both concrete and wood ties.


  • Seamlessly switch application guns for wood or concrete ties
  • Track mounted and self propelled
  • Equipped with GPS for tracking
  • Dual dispensing, low maintenance guns reduce clean up time
  • Add-on SpeedSet® UV light curing epoxy unit
  • Comprehensive field support


  • Proven in production for decades
  • Eliminates the need to change equipment when track has wood and concrete ties
  • Operators are seated during track travel and work modes
  • Travels under its own power up to 25 mph for easy clearing with other gang equipment
  • Fewer pumps and motors reduce equipment maintenance costs
  • Full track travel and light weight for added versatility
  • Comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic operator seating
  • 2 operator stations, each with its own dispensing gun
  • Ability to run with 1 or 2 operators
  • Holds up to 100 gallons of tie plugging compound
  • Meter-mix chemical dispensing system

Available compounds for this machine.

Machine grade Tie Plugging Compound

The most reliable, cost effective spike hole filling compound in the industry. Designed for all of our tie plugging equipment that utilize modern meter-mix dispensing technology to provide a consistent quality of 35-40 pounds-per-cubic foot spike hole filling compound in both wood and composite crossties.


  • A 1:1 ratio expanding compound that greatly reduces the amount of compound needed and reduces costs in excess of 60% as compared to 1:2 ratio compounds
  • Material density is matched to a hardwood tie @ 45-55 lbs/sq ft, and will not damage the tie, unlike competitor’s material which is harder than a wood crosstie
  • Maintains superior spike retention and track gauge as proven in the field and in independent testing
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Available in 5 gallon pails and 250 gallon totes
  • The packaging of this product can be customized to meet your specific needs

2 Part Concrete Tie High Viscosity Epoxy

Designed for:

Quickly repairing moderate to deep concrete tie rail-seat abrasion


  • This two component product has the shortest cure time of all similar repair materials on the market*
  • Our faster setting epoxy allows maintenance gangs to do their work in less time using shorter track windows
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Available in 5 gallon pails for both the A & B components

*Epoxy cure time is dependent upon depth of repair (film thickness required), temperature of the tie, and the temperature of the dispensed epoxy at the time of application.

SpeedSet® UV Light Curing Epoxy System Add-on

A patent-pending revolutionary UV light curing epoxy system for rail seat abrasion repair and protection. SpeedSet® is a single-part, clear, unfilled, low viscosity, epoxy system designed for instant setting with UV light, and performance in all climates. Using SpeedSet® can eliminate several epoxy repair cycles and costs. SpeedSet® can be easily and economically installed into existing concrete crosstie manufacturing facilities. It reduces the time and labor involved in placing pads and clips on crossties. It can extend the life of your crossties by up to 10 years.

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Ride-On Tie Plugger Specifications:


  • Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • Heavy duty tow hitches
  • Heavy duty Bumpers w/pads
  • Travel safety bumper bars
  • Center lifting point
  • Heavy duty shipping tie down lugs
  • Metal pad type crawlers for bi-directional travel
  • Heavy duty slide bars, to prevent derail damage
  • Hydraulic Easy Ride Suspension during plugging operations

Power Unit

  • Hatz 4 cylinder diesel
  • 37 gallon diesel fuel tank
  • 24VDC, circuit breaker protected electrical system
  • 15KW, circuit breaker protected A/C 240V generator
  • Remote engine oil drain
  • High temperature, low oil pressure engine shut down and warning system

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Propulsion System

  • Travel alarm and lights switchable for direction of travel
  • Cobra brake shoes
  • Insulated axles
  • Solid pillow block bearing supported axles with remote grease fillings
  • Two cylinder 13 CFM air compressor
  • Four wheel drive, dual axle hydraulic motors
  • Chain and sprocket propulsion drive
  • Spring-applied, Air released park brakes
  • Air applied rail travel brakes
  • 16 inch diameter, demountable, cast steel wheels


  • Canopy roof
  • 4 sided vinyl curtains with windows
  • Log book/manual storage box
  • International control symbols
  • Texture coated hand grabs
  • Dual multi-position seats with integral load sensors and seat belts
  • Vandalism covers over gauge and panel controls
  • Emergency stop buttons in work area and both sides of machine
  • Dual west coast mirrors
  • Tools storage box
  • Bi-directional high/low tone electric horns
  • Standard instrumentation includes: oil pressure, water temperature, hour meter, tachometer, fuel gauges


  • Yellow strobe light mounted on canopy
  • Four each, 4” x 6” halogen work lights
  • Two each, front and rear 4”X4” LED travel lights
  • Two each, front and rear red marker/brake lights
  • Operator compartment lighting


  • Single main hydraulic pump
  • 36 gallon capacity hydraulic reservoir tank
  • Eaton manifold mounted electrical control hydraulic valves
  • Locking hydraulic suction strainer
  • Schroeder hydraulic pressure filtration with LED condition indicators
  • Screw on hydraulic return filtration with LED condition indicators
  • Thermostatically controlled oil cooler
  • Hydraulic pressure circuit test (gauge) ports
  • Filtered manual hydraulic tank fill system
  • Hydraulic system condition indicator
  • Filtration loop fittings
  • Manually operated emergency hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic powered forward and reverse tie sweeps
  • Hydraulic powered 52-1/2” turntable on center
  • Hydraulic powered guide rollers for work mode
  • Patented hydraulic powered extendable crawler out-riggers

Product Dispensing Equipment

  • Dual wood tie plugging guns, suspended by zero-gravity cable reels attached to overhead channel guide/roller system
  • 130 gallon capacity change-out tie plugging product tanks
  • Manual and automatic gun flushing system with four-gallon flush reservoir
  • Single and two component concrete tie repair (epoxy) dispensing system
  • Add-on SpeedSet® UV Light Curing Epoxy System

Weight and Dimensions

  • Length: 16 feet
  • Height: 9 feet 4 inches
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Shipping/Operating weight: 16,000 pounds